United White Shepherd Club


Von Tasz Konstanze HC (d)
Breeder: Diana Updike, Von Tasz
Owner: Missy Lee
Sex: Female

My name is Missy Lee, and I am a new member of UWSC.
I work for the US Army as a management analyst, and a base closure in Germany brought me to my current assignment in Warren, Michigan.  My family and I settled down in a small town of St. Clair,  50 miles north of Detroit.  My husband Cliff, who also works for the Army as an IT specialist, and I have 2 kids, Kayla 4 and Aidan 3.
My husband, a former military police officer, always loved German Shepherds.  Although he was never a K-9 handler, he had a team of K-9 units under his operation.  Needless to say GSD is the dog of his choice and he owned several GSDs himself.  As for me, my childhood family dog was a big German Shepherd who took care of me as I was her "puppy".  So after returning to the USA and settling down, first thing we wanted to do was to get a GSD puppy.  While we were looking, we came across some White Shepherds web sites and we fell in love with them!
Now we have 3 dogs - Sasha (Black & Tan GSD), Faith (White Shepherd) and our new addition Snow White (Von Tasz White Shepherd) - they all get along nicely. 
As for the plan for our dogs, Sasha is very high energy (loves agility) and thrives to work.  My husband is thinking about being a SAR volunteer and Sasha might be a good candidate to be his partner.  Faith is very loving but not exactly high energy.  She enjoys cuddling and taking care of Snow White and my 2 little kids.  She is working on her CGC and hopefully she can go on to be a therapy dog someday.  Of course our new shining star, Snow White is still too young -- so we shall see.  I know her mom Kyla was a  "natural" herding dog, so maybe she could give it a try in herding too.  That's the fun part of owning a GSD - they are so all-around perfect dogs - the possibility is endless. 
Although we have a long way to go - when we retire from the government service we want  to move to UP and breed/rescue GSDs. 
I am looking forward to meeting all of you.
Missy Lee