United White Shepherd Club

Davey Family

"Hi My name is Robin Davey from Connecticut...  I owned a mix Shepherd/Lab for about ten years before she went to Heaven... April May was her name... Best dog ever... After April, my husband Bought a White Shepherd Pup that we named, "Kelly"... Kelly was just about 12 weeks old when she came into our lives...  Kelly came into our lives in 1995!  Now Kelly was 10 years YOUNG and I wanted another White German Shepherd.... Now Divorced and on my own I wanted to bring another dog into my home and knew Kelly would be okay with a pup so I looked online and left messages here and there that I was looking for a pup... Several people led me to Diana Dzis (Updike)...I emailed Diana on January 11, 2006... She sent me a Von Tasz info Request... Two days later Pebbles had her pups...  I didn't know at that time that both girl pups had a home... But soon found out that I could get a Girl if I still wanted her.... Yes!  Hurray!  March 19th 2006 Diana shipped Halo to me at a tender age of nine weeks... She did fabulous and it was kind of funny cause when she came out of the crate and saw My Kelly.. Halo was like Mom!  I didn't see you on the Airplane!  They bonded quickly... Kelly took care of Halo from the get go... Grandma Kelly....   Other than my dogs I have four cats living with me  Spice, Jax, Trixie, and Ace and some assorted guppy fish and Molly fish too... The Mollies have had a few babies... So cool.....  I also have a horse!  Not living on my property but about half an hour away from me.... His name is Poco with the long O sound...  He is a Tri Color Paint horse just turning 10 this year.. Wow time flies....  I bought him in 2001...   Oh, My job is a Dog Groomer!  I get kissed everyday!  Dog kisses are better than any Guy could ever do!  lol...... I love my Job...  Other than taking good care of my animals my passion is to take Pictures!  Pictures of My friends, their horses, dogs and of course My Girls... Kelly and  My Halo.....
Happy Trails and Tails..........

"Me and My Halo
March 19, 2006 at
9 weeks"

"Princess Halo"

"First of Spring and we had snow"
March 20, 2006

"Kelly & Halo napping"

"Kelly and my son, Richard in 1995. Richard is 5 in these pics."
"And Richard with Halo 2006. My son is all grown up"
"Halo meets Poco"

UKC CH ptd. Prince Royale Kaufman

Breeder:  Julie Kaufman, Kaufman Farm
Dam:  UKC CH Royal Elite Sashay

Sire: UKC GRCH Royal Von Tasz Classic Combo
Owner: Ken Makowski
DOB:  5/07

Prince posing on the grooming table with his ribbon's.

Prince's 1st show in the NLC.
Oct. 14, 2007

Prince and his ribbons.