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Why become a member

this club provides an opportunity for gaining friendship and information through contacts with its membership base. also, with our goal being recognition as a disctinct breed, those who also share this goal have a place to converse and discuss issues pertaining to the development of our breed, and share ideas and have a platform for acheiving this goal. on a more casual note, we love to share knowledge and discuss breeding, training, and health issues to help ensure the best livlihood for our dogs.

The UWSC publishes a regular newsletter, and in each and every issue, our members are allowed to showcase their White Shepherd in a FREE half page advertisement. This enables our members to watch puppies grow up, celebrate birthdays, celebrate titles earned, or share litter announcements. We also have fun activities that are coordinated through the newsletter such as our annual Happy Howl-O-Ween photo contest. Please feel free to check out our latest online newsletter.

we also give out performance awards annually to any white shepherd that completes a performance class or title. ANything from basic obedience to herding to therapy and tracking are included as performance. For more information about whtie shepherds in performance, click here.

The UWSC offers our members a FREE webpage on this site! If you already have a website for your kennel or breeding program or white shepherd family, your main page will show on our "meet our Breeders" page. If you don't have a personal website, we can build a page for you around pictures and information about your dogs. Afterall, this Club is for us to showcase how wonderful our breed is and educate the public on such matters. What better way to do that than to directly introduce them to the membership through visual media?

The UWSC has a Yahoo Group for members only. This is another way to get to know other White Shepherd owners, learn more about our breed, be made aware of upcoming events, etc. The UWSC encourages our members to exhibit their dogs in United Kennel Club (UKC) events such as Agility, Family Obedience, Weight Pull, Dock Diving, and/or Conformation. any time with your White Shepherd should be rewarding, especially when it's a team effort and we all love to hear about other's experiences through the chat group.

The UWSC is family oriented and hosts not only conformation show and obedience events, but we also enjoy initiating FUN events like Herding Instinct tests, offering Canine Good Citizen tests, Petite Puppy competitions, Therapy Dog tests, and Junior Handling (all kids welcome). we enjoy the camaradarie gained by hanging out with fellow white shepherd lovers!

Ready to join? Go to our easy online application page. Annual dues are $20 for an individual or $25 for a family membership.