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white shepherd merchandise This link will take you cafe press' website where you can buy clothing and other united white shepherd merchandise.

white shepherd genetics project Their mission: "To preserve, protect, and improve upon the health of the White Shepherd/white German Shepherd Dog by educating breeders, pet owners, and the general public, by conducting and supporting research, and by organizing fundraisers through seminars, raffles, auctions, and through donations."

white shepherd genetics project fundraisers Show your support for the white shepherd genetics project by purchasing cool shirts, bumper stickers and other items showing that you love white shepherds. proceeds go to the genetics project which benefits the breed entire. Thank you Robin and linda for organizing these fundraisers!

united kennel club this wonderful registry has recognized white shepherds as a distinct and separate breed from the german sheherd dog. this allows us to breed to the conformation standard of our own breed, and compete in a very wide variety of events such as: obedience, rally, lure coursing, dock diving, weight pull, as well as conformation. the ukc holds events that are represented in a generally more casual, fun, and relaxing manner than traditional akc events.

FCI- berger blanc suisse . The fci is abreviated for the Fédération Cynologique Internationale, which is also known as the world canine organization. one national registry per country is allowed to be represented with the fci, and in the usa that is the american kennel club (akc). the fci recognized white shepherds as a distinct breed as of july 5, 2011, which is a change form it's previous prvisional status that stood since 2002.