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White Shepherd TEMPERAMENT

white shepherds are a breed that define the epitome of "mans best friend". shepherds, AS A GROUP OF BREEDS, are known for 3 things: their tight bonds with their people and animal packs, their protective nature, and their intelligence. A shepherd's natural protective instinct is a main reason why they develop strong bonds with those around them. On the other hand, a shepherd's intstinctive and protective nature is something that can be quite a challenge if a shepherd owner does not provide lots of early socialization. Socialization ensures that a dog knows what is expected of itself in terms of protection and social manners. White shepherds generally strive very hard to please, and are great problem solvers and have an inuitive nature about them, making us wonder if sometimes they are reading our minds! This breed is typically excellent with children, OTHER ANIMALS, AND CAN GENERALLY BE TRAINED TO DO JUST ABOUT ANYTHING THAT ANY OTHER DOG BREED CAN DO. tHERE IS NO breed type more versatile than a shepherd. White shepherds make great pets, as they are generally less intense in character than the working lines of German Shepherd dog, yet in structure are more like the early lines of the same.


White Shepherds and Children

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One of the most common questions asked about the White Shepherd is "How are they with children?" This is probably also true for most all breeds. And lovers of most breeds will surely answer that "they are GREAT with children!" Of course they are! Dogs wouldn’t be known as "man’s best friend" if they weren’t. If only children were as good with dogs as dogs are with children. more>>


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